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The Seven Cs of Consulting

Szerző: Mick Cope

EAN: 9780273663331
ISBN10: 027366333X
ISBN13: 9780273663331

Oldalszám: 320
Méretek: 21mm x 234mm x 157mm
Kiadó: Pearson - 2003
Kiadás száma: 2
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"This second edition has been thoroughly overhauled to improve every aspect of the programme, with new models in all sections. There is a substantial additional element on ethical consulting - vital in the post-Enron business environment. Seven Cs of Consulting remains the definitive process guide, with no time sensitive case studies." Based around the author's 7Cs model - client, clarify, create, change, confirm, continue, close - this book offers both budding and experienced consultants a solid framework to enable them to manage any consultancy assignment. Mick Cope is founder of WizOz - a network based organisation that seeks to help people and businesses optimise their potential. WizOz offers a range of different products and services, all of which are based around the ideas outlined his books.As an author he has published seven books; Leading the Organisation to Learn; Seven Cs of Consulting; Know your value? Value what you know; Lead Yourself , Float-You, Personal Networking, and 7Cs of Coaching. He has a number of goals in life, the simple one is to live a life of personal freedom where he is able to think, feel and behave according to his values and not succumb to the demands of others. The more challenging one is to help 1000 people achieve the same in their life.
He would love any feedback on any concepts offered in this book. Contact him at mick@wizoz.co.uk

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